How To Be Medicine: A Guide for Living Masters


How To Be Medicine is my baby, born of the cosmology that comes from me being me. I’m not sure what to make of it all to tell you the truth, except that there seems no denying my fate.

And if you’ve ever felt that no matter how hard you try the world has plans, then you know this is not a contrived attempt to sell my soul or to buy your loyal approval.

So what is it then?

How To Be Medicine (or H2BM for short) is a book, a compendium, and a PhD dedicated to all Humans everywhere. It’s the answer to the question, how do we live together on this planet and respect our uniqueness without compromising the safety and joy of anyone or anything?


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Making Noise & Taking Up Space



As you might have guessed, I’m writing a book! It’s called Making Noise & Taking Up Space, and it’s one of nine publishing projects (yes, I know that sounds crazy).

The thing is, there is no one way to have this conversation. It seems I am being asked to write all versions in various languages depending on where people meet this moment.

Making Noise & Taking Up Space is mostly for oneness people. We have this conversation anyway but we probably don’t articulate it. It’s just part of our natural everyday life – the art of surrender in its many forms adapting itself according to the context of this moment.

Perhaps I am just writing this one for me.



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An Alternative To The Hero’s Journey


An Alternative To The Hero’s Journey

Even though it feels like a journey needs to be undertaken in order to get to oneness (where we can simply be), there’s a way of experiencing what’s going on now as already one.

A way of recognising everyone and everything from arguments and frustrations to murder and mayhem as wholeness, and then divining for yourself what that means (rather than adopting a set of principles that promise to make all your dreams come true if you do it right).

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All One Story


It’s All One Story

Rather than thinking about the world as scientific versus non-scientific, or social and personal, there is a story that brings all of that together into a single spectrum of significance. I call it oneness but feel free to call it whatever you wish. The naming of things is part of what oneness can meet with a pivoting perspective rather than fixed in space and time.

This oneness story is the version of reality that does not need to separate physics from metaphysics in order to explain what’s going on. It does not need to divide life into segments with boundaries and borders, or to shield one aspect from another. The oneness story sees All That Is in everyone and everything and allows us to simply be.

But the reality of being where we (think) we are now, to having an everyday experience of simply being, seems quite a big leap. So I’m also working on a book to talk about all the FAQs of how it’s already true.

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It’s Not That Kind of Physics

As you can tell, I see the world a bit differently. That is, I understand that we all operate according to what makes sense to us, often in ways even we can’t see or comprehend. A little like physics, except that what I see doesn’t stop at the point where things can be measured. It goes further, beyond the bounds of laws and forces we currently accept, into the physics of oneness.

I realise you’re used to the physics of oneness being presented as ‘entanglement’ and other metaphysical complications for a science versus magic picture of the universe… But this is different!

If you’ve ever done magic or seen auras or channelled wisdom, you know it’s not like it is in the movies. It’s real. It’s normal. And it’s nothing extraordinary. In fact, it’s quite within the realm of physics to explain all of the stuff we do and see every day.

All the miracle healings and twin connections and telekinetic activities are but phrases in the physics of oneness. No different to why the wind blows or how a child raised in captivity can grow up to be a responsible citizen while a spoilt brat becomes a criminal. And it’s time we were told the story as one version of events.


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Melanie Brockwell is creating Oneness Oracle Cards, Books and More

Patreon profile photo

Aloha! I’m Melanie. Welcome to my Patreon project.

Patreon is where you’ll find me writing about the oneness oracle cards, books and journals I’m designing; current Master of Arts (Writing) degree; and future PhD.
At the moment John + Annie Carter, Dad, hubby, Louise Moriarty and Naomi Jansson are my core support team. They provide endless love and attention to whatever I’m working on.
If you’d like to join them then this is the place to do it, yo!



ugly monster with flower by Popmarleo______________
The Short Version

We are surrounded by change seekers. They’re hard to miss. And yet, there is, for oneness folk, a unique umwelt – a way of experiencing – that just isn’t captured by dualistic and nondualistic perspectives.
We don’t see life as a journey or feel pain as a problem. What is going on for us is not reflected in conventional narratives. So, let’s do something about that!



The Whole Story

I’m a lover, a discoverer and kaleidoscopic juggler. While the rest of the world (appears to) seek evidence within and between all things, I allow my invitation into chiasmatic and acausal space.

I trust the world is what it is as a function of all-that-is. Something I like to call ‘the Natural Explanation’. Not in that dualistic, ‘this-will-change-the-world-and-make-it-a-better-place’ kind of way, but in a reality-is-already-telling-us-it’s-true kind of way. And I’m not the only one.

There are bits and pieces on the Internet, in shamanic spaces and cledons that tell me we are here and have been here for some time. Yes, most of this existed for me way before I read anyone else’s take on it. Yes, I am seeking it out in academia via ontological and cosmological dialectics. No, I am not trying to change the world.

It is as if I am collecting evidence for something I cannot fathom^. As if my insight on the cosmology of oneness is finding a language beyond my own experience and proposing itself as the basis of my (future) PhD. I say all this tentatively not because I am unsure of myself or my intention but as a lived experience of the “I don’t know” reality.

The “I Don’t Know” Reality

I don’t know in advance exactly what I’m being asked to do or formulate. I only know what it appears to be in this moment and this moment and this. There’s no fixed address for now. No absolute goal or eventual end, just as there was no concrete beginning. Except, perhaps, for those who see such things. Or when I am asked to speak such things. So I undertake this project in the same spirit with which I do all things – as a child of the universe who is simply present to what-is.

The First Things People Ask Me

  1. But how do you get anything done?
  2. How do you maintain friendships (without a sense of loyalty and quid pro quo)?
  3. How do you make money, pay your bills and hold down a job?

These are usually the first questions I’m asked when I talk about how I live in the “I Don’t Know” reality. I guess it’s quite shocking at first, to meet someone who really doesn’t end any sentence with because it will make life better or because it’s for the highest good or because I’m part of the solution. Everyone else seems to have a reason for doing what they do or believing what they believe. Very few of us actually trust what-is without any need for proof or end goals. Very few of us seem to be simply present.

What People Really Want To Know

After they’ve settled down and figured out that it’s not a trick, or a religion or anything else they’re used to, I get the next big three questions:

  1. How did you get that way?
  2. Can you teach me?
  3. What do you charge?

Inevitably, people want to know how I can change them. But that’s not what I do, although it might seem that way sometimes. Being present or doing what you’re told or however you want to put it, is not focused on verbs. There’s no sense of what is being done or who is doing it. There is only really the moment. I can talk about this more on Patreon.

What People Think They Want

It turns out, people I encounter want to know how to live in the moment as it is until they realise that means living in the moment. For them, living in the moment is a means to an end. It’s meant to make it easier for them to get what they want. It’s meant to control the flow of resources and smooth the bumps of life. Whereas the I don’t know reality has no goals or outcomes.

For some reason, this is perceived as a threat to everything they hold dear. People need their belief in suffering, blame, hatred, fear, and control over other people, themselves and the world. In other words, when people understand what living in the moment entails they’re afraid they’ll have to “give up” the power to create, change, improve, direct and know anything at all.

There is a lot more going on here than I can say without talking to you directly. What this means to you, in your language, in your cosmology, will be different to what it means to me. That’s where writing on Patreon comes in.

Conversations With My Patrons on Patreon

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, I have found there are many ways to answer the frequently asked questions about oneness. I do this already by having so many different websites and blogs each offering a unique perspective on how to encounter this cosmology. Patreon will suit those who want to feel as if they’re contributing to the project while accessing that ongoing conversation made possible in comments and video chats.




Head on over to ‘My Oneness Patreon Project’ for the scoop





^I got this from Deborah Levy’s Things I Don’t Want To Know, another random reflection of what it is to live like me.

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