All One Story


It’s All One Story

Rather than thinking about the world as scientific versus non-scientific, or social and personal, there is a story that brings all of that together into a single spectrum of significance. I call it oneness but feel free to call it whatever you wish. The naming of things is part of what oneness can meet with a pivoting perspective rather than fixed in space and time.

This oneness story is the version of reality that does not need to separate physics from metaphysics in order to explain what’s going on. It does not need to divide life into segments with boundaries and borders, or to shield one aspect from another. The oneness story sees All That Is in everyone and everything and allows us to simply be.

But the reality of being where we (think) we are now, to having an everyday experience of simply being, seems quite a big leap. So I’m also working on a book to talk about all the FAQs of how it’s already true.

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