It’s Not That Kind of Physics

As you can tell, I see the world a bit differently. That is, I understand that we all operate according to what makes sense to us, often in ways even we can’t see or comprehend. A little like physics, except that what I see doesn’t stop at the point where things can be measured. It goes further, beyond the bounds of laws and forces we currently accept, into the physics of oneness.

I realise you’re used to the physics of oneness being presented as ‘entanglement’ and other metaphysical complications for a science versus magic picture of the universe… But this is different!

If you’ve ever done magic or seen auras or channelled wisdom, you know it’s not like it is in the movies. It’s real. It’s normal. And it’s nothing extraordinary. In fact, it’s quite within the realm of physics to explain all of the stuff we do and see every day.

All the miracle healings and twin connections and telekinetic activities are but phrases in the physics of oneness. No different to why the wind blows or how a child raised in captivity can grow up to be a responsible citizen while a spoilt brat becomes a criminal. And it’s time we were told the story as one version of events.


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